The fragrances we use in Nota Bene Wares scented goods are composed entirely in-house, using only natural essential oils and botanical extracts. They are inspired by the smells of English life past and present, and are designed to offer an olfactory re-imagination of warming woodland bonfires, fragrant Christmas pomanders, the cold stone and cut herbs of the still room or a brush past the scented leaves of the parlour geranium.

Our scents are both simple and complex, and like all honest, natural products will develop and evolve when used. They are not strong nor overpowering, creating a more natural experience of fragrance- imagine catching a whiff of wood smoke carried on a breeze or the accidental but harmonious smell when an old wooden drawer, filled with the roots and resins of an old apothecary, is opened.

All of our scented goods are hand made in small batches, employing only natural, vegetable ingredients and are laboriously hand wrapped using tactile letterpress-printed labels.

Aromatic cedarwood combines with warm clove, lavender and a quiet wisp of birch tar smoke to evoke the glowing embers of an evening woodland bonfire.

Green and quietly aromatic sage combines with citrus and an accent of frankincense to evoke the drying herbs and peel in a still-room of long ago.

Dry petitgrain and bergamot are steeped with sweet orange and lavender to conjure a refreshing dab of old cologne on a midsummer's day.

Rose geranium combines with dry cedar and petitgrain cologne to evoke a brush past the parlour geranium standing on its well-polished dresser.

A sweet orange studded with cloves and cinnamon dries slowly as it hangs in front of a glowing midwinter hearth.

The smoky earthiness of vetiver root combines with balsamic frankincense and deeply fragrant patchouli to evoke the precious woods and resins of an old apothecary.

Clean white thyme and purifying eucalyptus combine with fragrant lavender to evoke the smell of fresh pickings from a physic garden.